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General Guidelines
« on: December 31, 2016, 07:19:48 AM »
If you are not registered, this is the only section you will be able to read.

The idea of this site is to be able to share our interests in  radio ideas, projects and operation, and to be able to ask questions, which maybe someone else will be able to answer from their knowledge or experience.

Casual chat about every day topics (excluding political, religious, racial or sexual subjects), family life and achievements, household topics is welcome from those who wish to.

What is not welcome:-

Personal attacks, insults, snide comments etc., direct or indirect.
Posting members personal contact details or physical address.
General “bashing” ie of Foundation Licence holders, OFCOM, RSGB or any other person or organisation.
Any swear words, no matter how mild.
Any content that may be considered unsuitable for young children
Any post containing any political, religious, racial or sexual references
Any comments or opinion about any person or organisation that you cannot back up with factual evidence (ie “He must be using well over the legal power” unless you have seen him doing it, or can link to a site where he admits to it. You could however give relative signal readings as actually seen on your receiver, without saying or hinting that he is using over the legal limit)
No discussion of CB equipment or operation that is outside of the regulations.

If you disagree with a post, you can either:-

a)   Ignore it
b)   Or post a thought out and reasoned reply, with reference to the contents of the post, not the poster.

For Sale, Exchange

No replies on the board, use the PM facility


If you have a link to the wanted item which may be of interest to others, it may be posted.
If you have an item to offer in response to wanted ad., then the reply should be by PM

What’s it Worth, Make Me an Offer

Can be replied to, or reply by PM if you choose
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